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Why build another company's brand by using their auction portal when you can be hosting YOUR auctions on YOUR company's WEBSITE, increasing web traffic and market presence, in turn, strengthening your brand and market awareness.

A real estate agencies website is one of the few places where it does not compete against rival agencies for prospective buyers' and vendors' attention or third-party software providers and ads that erode a brands' identity.

Real estate agencies can increase their brand protection, exposure and engagement and eliminate brand erosion using Auctions Live.

Our software offers a customisable user experience and will quickly turn any real estate agencies website into a fully functioning Property Auction Platform; by strategically implementing smart "plug and play" auction technology.

By embracing and implementing Auctions Live innovative auction technology, real estate agencies will begin to drive more traffic, leads, and inquiries directly to their websites whilst positively influencing results through transparent competition.

Evolve, Grow & Enhance Your Auction Services!

Our innovative technology caters for offices that conduct In-Room, Onsite, Live and Timed Virtual Auctions.

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OH NO! Can't you find any properties now going to auction on our website?
That's because our clients host THEIR auctions directly on THEIR WEBSITE using our industry-leading "Plug n Play" auction technology. At Auctions Live, we are in the game of amplifying our clients' auctions and their brand whilst reducing brand erosion, at the same time delivering a premium experience and result for both buyers and sellers - resulting in more inquiries and leads from prospective sellers. To find a live-streamed auction, please visit the Agency's website and locate the Auctions Live button or link; from here, you will be able to view auctions now live.

Unlock Your Offices' Full Auction Potential!
Auctions Live is a world-leading digital auction solution, 100% purpose-built for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Rural Real Estate. The team at Auctions Live works alongside some of the most talented Auctioneers and Real Estate Agents throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Auctions Live provides access to cutting edge auction technology designed to ignite bidders and give the vendors a competitive advantage, positively influencing results. The implementation of Auctions Live technology will position real estate agencies and auction houses as industry market leaders. Driving traffic, leads and inquiries directly to their website when conducting In-Room, Onsite or Timed and Live Virtual Auctions. Auctions Now Underway! Broadcasting Live Directly to Local Real Estate Agencies Websites
Broadcast Your Auctions Anytime, Anywhere with Auctions Live.

Information & Technology
Auctions Live Advanced Digital Auctions Solutions are securely hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Servers), providing reliable, secure, scalable, high-performance global computing infrastructure, delivering a premium experience to agents, buyers and sellers. When choosing quality over price, it is the quality that is most important! Auctions Live provide a product of style and substance that WILL make your auction day stand out from the crowd. Prospective vendors have their eye on the prize, and they are watching and evaluating the auction experience that you and your competitors' offer. They want to know who will be MOST likely to represent them to sell their property at the BEST price with the foremost PROFESSIONAL auction offering! Auctions Live ensure that you and your Auctioneer's auction action will elevate your brand over your competitors. Auctions Live facilitates total brand control for your Agency, ensuring your brand becomes synonymous with quality and distinction. In a marketplace filled with makeshift systems, STAND OUT from the crowd with purpose-built supported auction solutions designed to amplify your auction experience.

Auctions Live PropTech
The real estate industry continues to experience rapid changes as a result of evolving technology. The team at Auctions Live work hard to observe and respond to the real estate market concerning the explosive growth of PropTech. Auctions Live established through target industry research that there is an unprecedented willingness and ability to adopt our proprietary auction solutions within the domestic and international real estate sector. Our proprietary technology includes; custom-built APIs, plug-n-play widgets, ultra-low-latency live-streaming apps, queuing systems, interactive presentation and live bidding applications. Combined with our software architecture, these technologies enable the Auctions Live platform to facilitate various auctions (In-Room, Onsite, Virtual, Timed and Stream Only). Real estate agents can broadcast live bids, auctioneers call signs, and video footage directly to their website and allow remote parties to participate via the Bidder App using real-time communication.

Auctions Live Vs. Third-Party Auction Portals
Spend more time promoting and marketing your real estate agency than a third party auction portal with Auctions Live. Unlike third party auction portals, the Auctions Live team is all about driving traffic and leads back to our clients' websites. When an online visitor is on YOUR offices' website, there are NO distractions to take them away to a competitor's property, profile page or promotional advertisement. Ask yourself two simple questions; Would you like your prospective buyers or sellers to be distracted on a third party auction portal? A portal filled with competitor's properties, profile pages and promotional advertisements. Or Do you want your prospective buyers or sellers focused on YOUR property and YOUR brand without distraction?

Auctions Live Globally
Keeping our finger on the market's pulse locally and globally has facilitated a proactive approach to our company's core focus. It has driven our system's technical evolution to correlate to new and potential client requirements directly. Our global clients have identified their excitement in adopting Auctions Live. These clients have now joined the revolutionary wave in the global real estate market, bringing their vendors and buyers the appeal and advantages of online auctions. Auctions Live services real estate sectors within Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United States, Europe and the United Arab Emirates.

The Tech-Enabled Future of Real Estate – What will it Look Like for Your Agency?
It is an accepted fact that the future of all industries lies in the continued evolution of technology. The question for many is what role people will play in this tech-enabled future? – will roles be replaced? Will we work alongside tech developments in a supported partnership, or will we "dig our heels in'' and resist tech revolutions and get ultimately lost in the wave to the future? These are significant considerations and ones that were made evident to every Agency and agent when the pandemic hit in 2020 – a business based on face to face relationships, the sensory satisfaction of touring a property in person and the buzz of a live auction filled with excited and nervous bidders. When this was all paused, the industry was forced to investigate its very real future-ready plans. The dilemma here lies within the individual Agency and agent – the big international real estate portals are already prepared; they know where this is heading and developed the technology to play. Every Real Estate agency and agent must act now and take time to invest in tech-enabled real estate solutions. Today's agents must be more tech-savvy to ensure the continuance of the stand-alone Agency into the future. If they don't, the big-name listing portals will continue to add competition and fast become the dominant Tech-Enabled agents of the future, which could spell tragedy for the industry. Auctions Live is the agent's most effective weapon against modern-day disruptors. By making time to embed a tech-enabled solution into your Agency, you are securing your path into the industry's future and taking control today! On-demand technology enables agents to better service both sellers and buyers through a fast, seamless and transparent experience from start to finish. Auctions Live provides the tools to streamline the sale of properties for maximum value with increased efficacy and performance. You will expand your global buyer network and extend your reach. Auctions Live is your technology partner to take your Agency forward into the real estate industry's imminent turning point. The future is here; there is no denying that fact. We must advocate for a transparent, competitive and diverse marketplace supported by tech-enabled agents who will keep the passion and dedication to real Estate very much alive.

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Expedite growth and build substantial brand equity with Auctions Live, promoting transparent competition with positive results.

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