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Auctions Live is committed to playing a pivotal role in educating and supporting the industry whilst standing behind Novice and Senior Auctioneers'. With this in mind, Auctions Live offers complimentary access to our In-Room Auction Solution when utilised for Auctioneers Competitions.

Auctions Live In-Room Auction Solution includes:

  • Custom designed In-Room Auction Presentation including:
    • Introduction
    • Upcoming Auction Items
    • Past Auction Items (optional)
    • Ability to Display Video Advertising and Static Advertising
    • Individual Auction Item Presentation
    • Digital Bid Screen with Auctioneer Call Signs
  • Digital Order Of Sale Screen
  • Electronic Bidder Registration (via your website)
  • Website Display Widget (stream auction footage and display live bids directly on your website).

Please complete the Charity & Auctioneers Competitions Enquiry Form to discuss your upcoming Auctioneering Competition with an Auctions Live representative.

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