About us

About Us

Auctions Live offers real estate agencies, auction houses, and independent Auctioneers a range of simple, easy to use tools to be used throughout an entire auction campaign, whether it be pre, live, or post-auction.

Using Auctions Live, real estate agencies will be in a premium position to further promote and amplify their auctions and brand dominance to a broader audience while igniting bidders and providing vendors with a competitive advantage.

Auctions Live offers an unrivalled impact by harnessing the power of smart auction technology. Auctions Live is an independent PropTech service provider with no shareholding or directorship affiliation with real estate portals, PropTech accelerators, real estate agencies, auction houses and Auctioneers. At Auctions Live we are connected both at the head and the heart of the Real Estate Industry. Our creative tech and support team go above and beyond to get the job done!

Hard work and persistence have carried us to where we sit today, and the most exciting part of this hard work is to see the evolution of the business relationships we have established. We operate with integrity, transparency and honesty and continue to make a meaningful contribution to the real estate business community.

Advanced Digital Auction Solutions

For Real Estate Agencies, Auction Houses and Independent Auctioneers