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Can AUCTIONS LIVE be used for both in-room and onsite auctions?

Yes, AUCTIONS LIVE offers both an in-room and onsite auction solution.

Can I electronically register bidders using AUCTIONS LIVE?

Yes, AUCTIONS LIVE will allow you to electronically register and pre-register bidders prior to auction.

Are interested parties required to download an app or 3rd party software to view live streamed auctions?

No, AUCTIONS LIVE has been designed to stream auctions directly to Real Estate Agencies websites.

Are AUCTIONS LIVE shareholders associated or affiliated with any Real Estate Agencies, Auction Houses or Auctioneers?

No, AUCTIONS LIVE is 100% independent owned and operated, and its shareholders have no association or affiliation with any Real Estate Agencies, Auction Houses or Auctioneers. You can have confidence knowing your information will remain private and secure.

What internet upload speed will I require to successfully live stream auctions?

To live stream auctions at 720p we recommend an upload speed between 2,500 - 3,500 Kbps. To live stream auctions at 1080p we recommend an upload speed between 3,600 - 6,000 Kbps

Can I live stream in-room and onsite auctions directly to my offices website?

Yes, our AUCTIONS LIVE Broadcaster App can be used for both in-room and onsite auctions and will be streamed directly to your offices website.

What internet download speed will I require to run AUCTIONS LIVE in-room presentation?

We recommend a download speed between 8,000 - 10,000 Kbps.

Can I use AUCTIONS LIVE on my 4G connection?

Yes, we recommend using a 4G connection if you have a slow ADSL, ADSL2+ or NBN connection.

How long will AUCTIONS LIVE store my registered bidders information?

AUCTIONS LIVE will store all information for 5 years from the auction date.

Will AUCTIONS LIVE sell my offices information and/or data to 3rd party companies?

No, all information and/or data recorded and stored within AUCTIONS LIVE will not be sold or directly provided to 3rd party companies.

Will other devices on my networks affect the experience when using AUCTIONS LIVE?

No, although if you have poor internet speed make sure other devices are not causing congestion to the network by uploading or streaming.

Do I need to make any changes to the router in my office to use AUCTIONS LIVE?

No, you do not need to make changes to you router to use AUCTIONS LIVE, although if you have a large office with multiple devices connected to the network you can setup a Quality of Service (QoS) on you router. You will need to contact your IT Administrator to arrange this.

Does AUCTIONS LIVE provide an offline file that can be used for in-room auction presentations should we loose internet?

Yes, we recommend all offices download the offline file at the time of generating their presentation, as well as all subsequent updates you may make to your auctions presentation.

Can I advertise and/or promote third party companies on my in-room Digital Presentation, Order of Sale and Live Bid Screens?

Yes, if you office has arranged third party sponsorship for in-room auctions events please let us know at the time of designing your template.

Can I arrange an AUCTIONS LIVE representative to attend my in-room and/or onsite auctions?

Yes, you can arrange an AUCTIONS LIVE Engineer to attend and manage your in-room and/or onsite auctions, please contact AUCTIONS LIVE to discuss your requirements. Additional fees apply.

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