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The Auctions Live Interactive Website Widgets are designed to be embedded directly into real estate agencies websites, embracing our clients' websites look and feel, providing a powerful way to drive traffic to your websites.

Five key reasons why you should take control of your content and host your auctions directly on your website:

Current and prospective clients and customers will always know where to go to either watch an auction live or on-demand. It offers high engagement and convenience as they can access live and historical auction information and video footage.

Simple, quick and easy way of communicating live information by broadcast live bids, auctioneers call signs and video footage. You can also enable contact forms to capture enquiries from potential clients and customers and build your community presence.

Build credibility within your catchment area using high tech, high touch tools, presenting your brand and sales team as industry leaders whilst offering a live source of information in your community.

Breakthrough domestic and international barriers by making it easy and accessible for prospective clients and customers to keep up-to-date with the latest market trends, build awareness, and do business with your office.

Let people know you as more than just a Sales Office. Highlight and maximise the value add services offered by your Agency to current and prospective clients and customers, including Property Management, Buyers Agents, Market Appraisals, Home Loans, Strata Management, etc.

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