REINSW Senior Auctioneer Competition 2019

Briannan Davis

Cooley Auctions

The intent of the REINSW Senior Auctioneer’s Competition is to offer all participants the opportunity to show the judges the flow of their auction, their connection with the bidders, and their understanding of the criterial aspects of an auction including the seven deadly sins as outlined by the Australasian Auctioneer Competition. The judges also take into consideration the ‘feel’ of the auction and the management of the bids and bidding process.

The REINSW Senior Auctioneer’s Competition aims to promote the advancement and perpetual improvement of the Auctioneer craft across NSW by providing an environment of challenge where the auctioneer’s skills may be tested at the highest level, beyond that of a normal auction.

REINSW Senior Auctioneer Competition 2019

AUCTIONS LIVE are proud sponsors of the 2019 REINSW Senior Auctioneer Competition.

All contestants will be streamed LIVE directly to our website on both the 26th and 27th of June 2019. Make sure you tune in and get behind the auctioneers.

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