Auction Rules, Terms & Conditions -
Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory: Standard Auction Conditions

A public auction of residential property must be conducted in accordance with the standard auction conditions prescribed under the regulations.

CIVIL LAW (SALE OF RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY) ACT 2003 - SECT 32 Auction conditions to be available before auction begins

  1. The auctioneer of residential property at a public auction commits an offence if —
    1. the auctioneer begins the auction; and (b) a copy of the conditions of the auction have not been displayed at the place of the auction for at least 30 minutes before the auction begins.
  2. An offence against this section is a strict liability offence.
  3. In this section: "conditions", of an auction, means—
    1. the standard auction conditions prescribed under section 31A; and (b) any other conditions (not inconsistent with the standard auction conditions) decided by the seller for the auction.

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