RTA Integration

Integration of Auctions Live & Real Time Agent

RTA Integration

By activating the Real Time Agent integration, you can unlock a streamlined process where winning bidder(s) information is effortlessly transmitted from Auctions Live to Real Time Agent, eliminating the need for redundant data handling.

How to Enable and Activate:

To initiate Real Time Agent integration, simply reach out to your Real Time Agent representative. They will coordinate with our internal onboarding team to generate a unique Integration Key, which will be used to link your Auctions Live platform with Real Time Agent. Once activated, you'll receive a direct notification from Auctions Live.

How to Link a Property:

Connecting a property to Real Time Agent is simple, adding just one extra step to the existing process:

  1. Navigate to the "Upcoming" section under "Auction Properties" in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on the "View" icon on the property you want to connect.
  3. In the Overview tab, locate the "RTA Property Status Push" option and toggle to "Allow."
  4. Auctions Live will attempt to automatically link the property to Real Time Agent. If needed, manual matching is available.
  5. Upon successful auction completion with the correct winning bidder number entered, Auctions Live will transmit all pertinent information, including winning bidder(s) details and sale price, directly to Real Time Agent.
  6. If the auction concludes without a selected winning bidder number, pertinent information will not be automatically transmitted upon auction completion. In order to manually transmit the information, first add a winning bidder number by clicking "Edit Bid Records" in the property "Overview" tab. Next, navigate back to the property "Overview" page and click the "Send to RTA Manually" button to transmit all data.

Important Notice:

All subsequent modifications and updates to the contact information can only be managed within Real Time Agent.

Auctions Live takes no responsibility once the information has been successfully transmitted, and any further inquiries or support requests should be directed to your Real Time Agent representative, or support@realtimeagent.com.au

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