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Auction Solutions Comparison

Stream Only
CRM & MLS integration
Manual or automatic auction campaign creation
Data analysis & reporting tools
CSV data exporting
Time zone auto conversion
Currency selector
United master account
Bidder qualification, verification & activation
Social media sharing
Custom text management engine
Property interface
Individual property page
View property photos & video
View live-stream footage
Property description & features
Bidder registration
Map view
Agent contact details
LIVE bids & auctioneer call signs display
Calendar reminder
Add multiple external URL links
Order of Sale display
Venue location display
Customisable to your brand requirements on request
Increase quality website traffic
Auctions Live online bidding
Video conferencing
Email verification
Customisable bidder requirements
Custom Terms & Conditions
iOS & Android App
PC web browser
Live stream player
Bid history ladder
Net yield calculator
Auctioneers call signs
Final bidding timer
Anti sniping technology
HD Low Latency Live Streaming
In-Room Event Simulcast Module
Video on demand playback
Residential digital Order of Sale PDF
Commercial Order of Sale URL
Electronic bidder paddle (ePaddle)
Google Meets Integration
Outdoor bid screen
Indoor bid screen
Commence & conclude auction
Accept & decline bids
On the Market
Final auctioneer call signs
Passed In
Manual bidder registration
Bidder qualification, verification & activation
Auctioneer bid controller
Electronic scriber / penciler
Online bidder indicator
Property statistics / analytics
Social media sharing
Central navigation controls
Background music control
Event opening trailer
Auctioneers introduction display
Conditions of sale display
Property introduction
Electronic scriber / penciler
Online activities controller
Online bidder indicator
Auctioneers call signs panel
Property bid display
Live stream controller
Interactive Order Of Sale display
Event wrap-up
Remote event pairing
Real time synchronisation
In-Room Event Simulcast Module*
Website display integration widget
Auctioneer profiles
Booking notifications
Auctioneer booking controller
Calendar sync
Google Maps lookup
Custom Terms & Conditions

* Incurs additional charges

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