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Information for Online Bidders

All online bidders will need an AUCTIONS LIVE bidder profile. AUCTIONS LIVE reserves the right to request and store a valid photo ID prior to you submitting an Online Bidder Registration for verification, processing, and activation.

Online Bidding is not available on all auction properties. It is at the sole discretion of the selling agent and vendor to enable this facility.

If the facility is enabled on a property, all parties wanting to actively take part in bidding at the auction will be required to register via the Real Estate Agencies website, as an Online Bidder.

When registering as an Online Bidder please allow a minimum of two (2) working days, for your account to be verified, processed and activated.

Once registered an email will be sent to activate your account.

NOTE: Your AUCTIONS LIVE Bidder Profile will allow you to actively bid on any enabled property your register for via the AUCTIONS LIVE Bidder App.

Individual sales agents reserve the right to accept or reject any application to bid online and must enable an account for each and every property.

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